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the philosophy

We help our partners build brands and relationships by becoming their squad in order to build the right team to achieve their goals and  provide them with the right tools and guidance as they navigate to uncharted waters.

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our vision
A world where everyone has the right partner in order to show their best self and achieve more.

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our mission
To reach brands with the most suitable team in order to achieve their highest potential


meet the team

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"Ukiyo was created by people with valuable experience in the field of marketing and communication, who have worked with major brands and have launched over 1,200 campaigns in traditional and digital media. Knowing the market of publicity and communication in Greece in depth, we are able to create ad-hoc teams with the best and most specialized professionals according to the nature of the project".

Why us?

We are experienced, we use a lean approach, we have the greatest network of digital and
creative industries professionals, we know how to connect the dots, we are digitally savvy,
we are considerate of your budget approach, we can be your partners in crime to your
. Through trusting partnerships, we bring the right marketing creative minds to
each brand according to its needs as well as a plethora of resources in order to unveil its
greatest potential

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Eva Kakoulidou

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spaceship captain


Monica Kassani

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oracle of matrix

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