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myukiyo specialises in representing Talents and Artists from all corners of the creative world. Our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional talents and brands ensuring that your brilliance shines on the global stage. Drawing upon years of experience and our incredible network we are dedicated to nurturing the extraordinary talents and visions of artists across various fields. Our personalised approach allows us to understand the unique essence of each artist, tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with brands and their target audience in order to make a lasting impact.

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Market research and analysis

myukiyo conducts market research to understand industry trends, consumer preferences, and competition. We analyze data and provide insights to optimise marketing strategies, identify new opportunities, and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Online presence and
digital marketing

At myukiyo we will manage your online presence, including website development, social media consulting, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO). We will create and implement digital marketing campaigns to engage with fans, increase followers, and drive traffic to the artist's platforms.

Relationships, partnerships and collaboration efforts

We excel at building the most solid and constructive relationships between our talent/content creators and a wealth of brands. We help our talents be precise about and receptive to how their personal brand can converse with that of a company. We identify and negotiate partnership opportunities with brands, organizations, influencers, and other artists. We facilitate collaborations, sponsorships, endorsements, and strategic alliances that can expand your reach and enhance your reputation.

Brand positioning,
Profile Management and
Marketing Strategy

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At myukiyo we will help you develop a strong and unique brand identity, by defining your image, values, and target audience. Working with such a diverse array of personalities, we have years of experience allowing us to build and maintain the profiles of each and every individual we work with. We will create a consistent brand message and positioning that resonates with your target market. We work with each one of you to manage your profile effectively and in a way that allows you to feel truly comfortable with every aspect of your career. We will also devise for you a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your specific goals and objectives. This includes identifying target demographics, determining marketing channels, and planning campaigns to increase visibility and reach. The opportunities we provide will reinforce, build upon and further boost your career.

Influencer marketing

We are a team with extensive marketing experience in cultural products and brands, as well as artist management. Having previously worked in advertising agencies, commercial businesses and companies, we created myukiyo with a passion and goal to open channels of communication between the two worlds, foster connections and collaborations and offer inspiration to both in sharing their common goals.
In the newly established form of social media marketing, we create bridges, essentially connecting the right person, from a range of talent/content creators, with the right brand in order to endorse products and campaigns/projects in an up to date, creative, direct and personalised way, for the benefit of both parties, building an honest, solid, successful and productive relationship. We assist our talents in being precise about and receptive to how their personal brand can converse with that of a company while protecting the brand identities of both. We maintain communication through all stages of cooperation, our expertise and direction ensure a smooth process, achieving authentic content and the desired result

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