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together you rise


We created Ukiyo to help brands go bigger & higher by becoming partners in crime to their success

We understand brands and their goals profoundly, and so we aim to match suitable creative talents with the right target audiences, building robust, inspired alliances.

At the same time, we identify, nurture and support genuine talents. Our goal is that our clients develop creatively through new partnerships that broaden their horizons.

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our vision

A world where everyone has the right partner in order to show his best self and achieve more

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our mission

To provide brands with the most suitable team in order to reach their highest potential

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Team on a mission

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our values

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What we do for Brands

We help our partners build brands and relationships by becoming their marketing / communication squad in order to build the right team to achieve their goals and providing them with the right tools and guidance as they navigate to uncharted waters.


What we do for Talent

We build honest, solid and productive relationships.


Profile management is a key part of our service provision. 



Our services

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